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Efficient company registration services ensure hassle-free company registration processes for entrepreneurs. Company registration in Pakistan is an easy and straightforward process with a quick turnaround time and affordable fees, especially for private limited companies. At Pak.Tax, we can assist you in registering your new company in as little as two days. You can contact any one of our offices in Karachi, Islamabad or Rawalpindi for your new company registration. You can even complete the registration process online.

Here’s an overview of the company registration process:

Name Availability Check

Your first step is to verify whether your chosen company name is available for registration. This can be done either in person or online. Detailed instructions for submitting an online application for company registration can be found on the official SECP website.

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Signing up For Company Registration

To apply online for the incorporation of a new company, you first need to sign up with the e-portal of SECP and fill in the necessary information. You will then receive a four-digit pin code via SMS or email. You will need this pin code to submit the form.

SECP is Responsible For New Company Registration in Pakistan

The SECP, Pakistan’s governmental body, plays a pivotal role in registering new companies within the country and overseeing the corporate sector. At its helm is the Chairman, who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The SECP operates under the supervision of four commissioners. Across Pakistan, the SECP maintains nine company registration offices situated in key locations, including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Quetta, and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Navigating Business Formalities: Company Registration By Corporate Lawyers in Karachi

Corporate lawyers play a pivotal role in navigating business formalities during the company registration process in Karachi. Their expertise ensures that entrepreneurs adhere to all legal requirements, from documentation to compliance, streamlining the complex journey of establishing a legitimate business entity.

Incorporation of Private Limited Companies in Pakistan

Foreign Investors can incorporate Companies in Pakistan

Private limited companies in Pakistan are typically companies that operate in the country. To operate legally in the country, a private limited company must have two shareholders and a chief executive, who must reside in the country and conduct day-to-day operations. Non-Pakistani chief executives, meanwhile, must obtain multiple-entry work visas to work in Pakistan. In addition, corporations must hire full-time legal and audit services and must register any changes in their business within 15 days.
Foreign investors are allowed to establish and incorporate own companies  in Pakistan, though some sectors may be restricted. Foreign investors cannot own or operate businesses that contain high explosives, radioactive substances, or currency. They also cannot invest in consumable alcohol, weapons, or securities. The laws on foreign investment are not prohibitive for foreign investors. In fact, multinational companies are welcome in Pakistan.

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Karachi Business Essentials: Company Registration Process

Understanding Karachi business essentials is crucial to the company registration process. Corporate lawyers in the city guide entrepreneurs through these prerequisites, ensuring that every detail, from name clearance to tax registration, is addressed meticulously, providing a solid foundation for a successful business venture.

Company registration in Karachi begins with establishing the legal foundations of a business. Corporate lawyers delve into the intricacies of business structures, helping entrepreneurs choose the correct legal entity that aligns with their goals. This expert guidance ensures that businesses are legally sound from the outset.

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Minimum Paid-up Capital For Private Limited Company Registration

The minimum paid-up capital required by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for a private limited company is PKR 0.1 million, but the amount of authorized capital may increase. Although there is no specific minimum paid-up capital requirement for private limited companies in Pakistan, most companies consider PKR 100,000 as the minimum amount. When deciding how much paid-up capital to have, make sure it aligns with the number of planned expenses.
To register a private limited company in Pakistan, the SECP requires a minimum paid up capital of Rs 100,000. The SECP is also responsible for the regulation of private companies. A special purpose acquisition company is a company formed solely for the purpose of acquiring an operating company. Its principal line of business is raising funds for an acquisition/merger. As its name suggests, it cannot conduct regular business, and must therefore have a paid-up capital of at least Rs 10 million.
Once you have enough paid-up capital, you can choose a company name. The SECP website lists a list of prohibited words, and you can reserve a company name if you wish. In the meantime, you must submit the required documents for incorporation, including the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. You can also register a company with a single shareholder or one member.

Authorized Capital for Company Registration

The process of company registration in Pakistan begins with selecting an appropriate name for your company. Once you have selected a name, you must provide the necessary information on your company’s operations, such as the name of the owner, address, telephone number and email address. Then you must choose the type of business. In Pakistan, you may register any number of companies, if they are not related to each other.

To register a private limited company, the minimum paid up capital is PKR 0.1 million. In addition, the authorized capital is the maximum amount the company may issue to its shareholders. Although there is no official minimum amount for a private limited company, it is common practice to consider PKR 100,000 as the minimum capital. If you’re planning to raise funds for acquisition or merger, make sure to select an amount that will cover the expected expenses.

Process of Company Incorporation & Time Required For Company Registration

For the company registration process, you require getting all necessary info from the below link, and we take just 2-3 days for registration of a new company. Company Registration Process

Filing of Form 45 For All Registered Companies

The companies that are registering in Pakistan must file the Form 45 with the registrar within 30 days. Then, they must also file annual and global accounts, and provide a list of all members and debenture holders. The company must also file an amended memorandum with the registrars of both provinces. You must also file a notice with the registrar of the new location. If you move your office to another province, you must apply for renewal of permission to maintain the office in that province.

Types of Registered Companies in Pakistan

There are several types of registered companies in Pakistan. There are single-member companies, private limited companies, and public limited companies. Private limited companies can be Listed, unlisted, or private. The minimum capital for a public limited company is PKR 200 million. If you’re looking for a private limited company, you should look for a SECP company registration in Pakistan. They offer many advantages and benefits but are limited in size.

Registration of Company with the Provincial Authorities

Once you’ve selected a name, you should fill out the necessary information for EOBI and other provincial authorities. This information will be automatically sent to the provincial authorities. You must also provide three separate names for your company. The concerned officer will choose one from these names if it is available. You must also provide a nominee in the case of a single-member company. In Pakistan, the fee to register a company is $1000, and you must provide a nominee.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Pakistan

You must fill out the documents required for company registration in Pakistan. The documents can be in PDF format. All documents should be genuine and not contain any words that are banned in Pakistan. You can also acquire a digital signature by using the National Institutional Facilitation Technologies. You must provide a complete presentation of your company’s operations. This will help the SECP evaluate your documents and grant you the digital signature.

Selecting Exclusive Name for Company Registration

The first step in the process of company registration in Pakistan is to apply for a company name. This process can be done for free if you have already selected three names. After that, you can reserve the name of your company. The registrar will then issue a letter to you stating that you have reserved the name of your company. The letter will be valid for sixty days, which is more than enough time for the entire incorporation process in Pakistan.
Once the documents are completed, you must wait for the SECP to issue the Incorporate Certificate. This can take up to 24 hours or less, depending on the number of objections to your application. However, it is important to note that some companies require prior license approval, and some do not. Non-banking finance companies, security service providers, and association not for profit organizations require prior approval. If you are wondering how to register a company in Pakistan, here are some documents you need to prepare.

AoA and MoA For Company Registration

Another document you will need to provide is your company’s articles of association and the memorandum of association. The AoA of your company must contain a clause that states the location of the company’s registered office. It should also specify what the company’s main business will be. The main business will depend on the type of business activities you plan to undertake. The document should also state that you will only conduct lawful business. The same goes for other documents.

Form 21 and Form 29 of the Newly Registered Company

Once you’ve selected your company name, the next step is to file the incorporation documents with SECP. These documents include the Articles of Association (Article of Association), which states the responsibilities of the company’s directors. Besides the Articles of Association, the Company’s Form 21 and 29 contain information about its directors, shareholders and registered address of the company. Moreover, the document identifies the types of entity that you want to get registered.

Company Registration Fee

Our senior corporate and taxation lawyers have 38+ year experience and in-depth knowledge of company registration and corporate statutory filing. Our normal service fee for the company registration services are Rs. 25,000 only, including official fee and other expenses for a small company having authorized capital of Rs. 100,000 only.

Please contact us if you want to start a new business of any type, a proprietorship firm,  partnership firm, or require the  registration of a limited liability company. 

Your Gateway to Karachi Business: Company Registration

Corporate lawyers are a gateway to Karachi’s thriving business landscape through the company registration process. They simplify the often overwhelming registration task, ensuring entrepreneurs can confidently navigate the city’s dynamic business environment while adhering to all legal requirements.

The Legality of Business: Company Registration Process

Corporate lawyers are instrumental in upholding business legality throughout the company registration process in Karachi. They meticulously review legal documentation, making sure that all regulatory obligations are met, and providing entrepreneurs with the assurance that their business is operating within the boundaries of the law.

Entrepreneurs Unite: Company Registration in Karachi

Entrepreneurs unite with corporate lawyers during the company registration process in Karachi. These legal experts act as partners, offering valuable insights and ensuring entrepreneurs can focus on their business vision. In contrast, the legal intricacies are managed professionally, fostering a collaborative and successful entrepreneurial journey.

Unlocking Business Opportunities: Company Registration

Company registration in Karachi unlocks a world of business opportunities. Corporate lawyers facilitate this process by ensuring entrepreneurs have the necessary licenses and permits. This opens access to various sectors and markets, enabling businesses to explore and seize new growth prospects.

Company Registration is the Path to Business Legitimacy

The path to business legitimacy begins with company registration in Karachi. Corporate lawyers guide entrepreneurs through the steps, ensuring their businesses are recognized as legitimate entities. This builds trust with customers and partners and secures access to essential services and markets.

Company Registration Paves the Way for Entrepreneurship

Our corporate lawyers play a pivotal role in paving the way for your entrepreneurship through company registration in Karachi. They simplify the legal complexities, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their innovative ideas and business strategies, laying the foundation for entrepreneurial success in the city.

The Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship: Company Registration

Understanding the legal aspects of entrepreneurship is vital during company registration in Karachi. Corporate lawyers provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring entrepreneurs are well-informed about their business ventures’ legal obligations and protections, safeguarding their interests and investments.

Launching Your Business: Company Registration in Karachi

Launching your business in Karachi begins with the expertise of corporate lawyers. They oversee the entire company registration process, ensuring entrepreneurs can confidently embark on their business journey, knowing that their legal obligations are met, and their enterprises are built on a solid legal foundation.

Setting the Legal Framework: Company Registration in Karachi

Corporate lawyers are instrumental in setting the legal framework for businesses during company registration in Karachi. They assist entrepreneurs in crafting robust legal structures, contracts, and agreements, establishing the groundwork for businesses to operate ethically and efficiently within the city’s dynamic business environment.